About Ayush India Expo

AYUSH INDIA EXPO 2018 Exhibition will serve the platform for bringing together by increasing SPEED, SCALE & SKILL development through the focused exhibition on Best alternative therapies like AYURVEDIC, YOGA, UNANI, HOMEOPATHIC AND WELLNESS.With the advancement in technology and new products & services are being available with “no side effect” benefits. AYUSH INDIA EXPO 2018 is instituted to showcase the Indian ancient power delivered with the best use of advancement, global processes and how all brought together benefits to people’s health.

Be a part of AYUSH 2018 Natural Products Expo India and exclusive meeting place of natural products demand and supplies! Today, India is one of the richest and diversified countries as far as natural products are concerned, where the demand for naturals is always on the rise. In fact, this market has been also growing rapidly in the rest of the sub-continent. AYUSH 2018 offers an excellent opportunity to meet this growing consciousness for a healthy lifestyle. The Expo is not only the privileged platform to stage this demand but shall endeavor to give it an all new impetus and take it to greater heights.